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Lab Services and Repairs

As per our lab services, we have started a new trend for our customers of live recorded videos showing their repairing services. Which makes them completely satisfied that their product has been repaired by a highly experienced and professional technician. With all the repairing services we offer, 7 days of check warranty to the customers. In this lead time if they face any issue with their machine or phone then there are some possible options to check their product thoroughly again and make the changes accordingly. 

This is a new thing for the walk-in customers, regular clients, and especially the outsiders. Most of the people think that they delivered us their machine or phone then for sure would be making a non-reliable strategy in the repairing

Procedure due to which would have to visit our outlet again for the same reason and they need to pay more charges. But just to change the thought of people we have started this trend of sharing a live video of repairing with our customers so that they can view it and be relaxed. Sometimes most of the people use to be busy at the same moment so that is not a big issue when our repairing procedure begins and till it gets finished, we record the complete video and share it with our customers so that our customer can view it. If they have any questions regarding all the procedures they can ask freely. That is the actual concept of starting a new trend of live lab or repairing services. 

In our lab, we do not just repair the defaulted machined phones. All the upgradings of the machines are done here as well. We are also customizing the machines and gaming PCs according to the demands and requirements of our clients. All these procedures take place infant of the camera which is shared live with our customers. If any of our customers want to say and don’t want to rely on the cameras or live video then all this procedure takes place in front of him so that he has any doubts on the current situation, all of them gets null and void.

Availability And Outsourcing

Most customers think that how we use to manage the availability of the products. Basically, we are not outsourcing our stock from any random market or vendors. We directly purchase the stock from the distributors of the company which are affiliated with the specific brand like Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Dell, HP, or others. This is also the main reason for our best compatible prices. If our customer requires any that machine or phone which is not available all over Pakistan then we use to outsource it from the vendors which are currently supplying us the stock from other regions like the USA, UK, and Australia. Usually, we do not go much far before confirming from our vendors who are also supplying us with the stock from Karachi.

The Apple Fixers is not just about selling and purchasing. Here, we are dealing with all the brands and products. Apple Fixers is a one-shop stop. You can find here all your required machines and devices or whatever it is Mobile phones, Macbooks, Laptops, Gaming Consoles and PCs, Desktop PCs, Printers, Scanners, other Accessories ETC. We are serving our clients in a very friendly environment where our clients can discuss every detail or issue encountered with their machine, phone, or devise. Apple Fixers came into the Market on 20th April 2021. In this continuation, we have accomplished not just our goals in Lahore even in Karachi, Islamabad, Kashmir, Sawat, Hunza, and others. Even our clients and walk-in customers are facing technical issues with their Machines and Devices, we have highly experienced technicians who solved the issues live in front of them. In quick situations, we share the complete video of the repairing process with our client so that our client gets completely satisfied with the services. The reviews and ratings of is a clear declaration of success and achievements.

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